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Concord Cardiology is a specialist practice based on excellence of academic research, innovation & clinical care.

Our team is composed of dedicated, highly qualified Doctors who are active both clinically and academically.

We pride ourselves on our academic research and diagnostic tests.

Welcome to Concord Cardiology

Concord Cardiology is an academic group private cardiology consulting service. This provides a broad range of cardiovascular services within specialist medical consulting rooms in Concord Hospital Medical Centre. Seamless integration into in-patient services is provided at Concord Repatriation General Hospital …

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Dr Sonali Gnanenthiran

Dr Sonali Gnanenthiran is a general cardiologist who graduated from medicine from the University of New South Wales with First Class Honours and subsequently completed her cardiology training at Concord Hospital. She also works as a Cardiologist at Canterbury Hospital. Her clinical and research interests include cardiovascular health in older popul ...

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Exercise Echo

Download this patient information sheet An exercise echo involves a baseline ultrasound (or echocardiogram) of the heart with repeat images taken soon after exercise on a treadmill. This compares the heart function at rest and after exercise to look for changes in heart function which may suggest heart problems. Why is an Exercise Echo perf ...

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